Here at Smart Car we are no strangers to life’s little accidents and emergencies. Over the years, we have seen just about everything possible spilt in car interiors. Milk and Paint are something we see every day. Vomit, bodily fluids and alcohol are also very common.

Whilst these problems are relatively easily dealt with through shampooing, they often require specialist work that needs to be undertaken by a professional and preferably as soon as possible after the incident.

We also use live bacterial cleaners which digest the potent, unwanted bacteria that live in some of these spilled substances.
In  most circumstances when the vehicle has been presented to us early enough we are able to correct these without the need to replace seats or carpets etc.


Flood Damage

Flood damage also requires specialised cleaning as not cleaning it correctly will cause it to be a health hazard. Thorough disinfecting, odour kill and decontaminating immediately wil rectify the problem. If  you require this service, we treat this as an emergency and will usually accept your vehicle immediately. Flooded vehicles are usually as little as a day’s work but we can also liaise with your insurers should the need arise.

Exterior Contamination

Exterior Bodywork contamination comes in many forms such as :-
Paint Overspray – Often paint particles travel through the air from a variety of sources and settle on vehicle bodywork and require remedial work to correct the contamination. We use several techniques to rectify the damage depending on its severity.

Concrete Dust – Can solidify after falling on vehicle bodywork making it rough to touch.

Fence Paints & Creosote – Similar to other paints these can prove difficult to remove if not dealt with swiftly.

Road Tar & Road Paint – Tar and road paint should be removed from your bodywork as soon as they are discovered.

Tree Sap – Solidifies on paintwork and requires a chemical that softens and breaks down this unusual substance.

Birds Droppings – Bird droppings are corrosive and will stain your paintwork.

Industrial Fallout – Tiny metal filings will sometimes fall on your car and rust onto your vehicle bodywork. Clay barring and machine polishing will help restore your vehicle into showroom condition.

Smart Car staff are available 6 days a week offering free, impartial advice, written estimates for insurers or for private claims and always have the much needed friendly advice we all want when faced with a crisis. It always pays to be informed and we want you to feel free to call in and see us with your vehicle at any time.

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