Autoglym LifeShine

Enhance the pleasure of ownership and protect your investment.

AG-SRP logo (cmyk) 100x100mm

The Autoglym LifeShine system offers a unique and realistic opportunity to keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of your ownership. Specially treated surfaces maintain their superb appearance to give miles of pleasure and retain re-sale value. For more information and a video demonstration visit the LifeShine website

With Autoglym LifeShine you can drive away from the showroom confident in the knowledge that your car has been protected using the finest products in the world. And with a complementary LifeShine Care Kit, ongoing conditioning is assured.
Benefits of the Autoglym LifeShine system will continue for as long as you own your car, enhancing pride and pleasure of ownership and future value.

LifeShine is currently available only in UK and Ireland through authorised car dealerships.

The value of your car in years to come can depend greatly on its’ cosmetic condition.
The Autoglym LifeShine system is unique in taking long-term care of the cosmetic condition of your car.
lifeshine-13The way your car is cared for, from day one, will have significant influence on maintaining its’ long term, top condition and maximum re-sale value. It makes sense to ensure that both your investment and pleasure of ownership are properly safeguarded.
Under the Autoglym LifeShine system special care is taken by trained technicians to prepare your car to the highest standards.
From bumper to bumper, inside and out, the finest Autoglym treatments are used to prepare your car for delivery to you in pristine and protected

Autoglym LifeShine Prices


Small Vehicle £195.00
Medium Vehicle £195.00
Large Vehicle £195.00
4WD/MPV £225.00

USED VEHICLES (to include Deluxe Valet & dewax )

Small Vehicle £300.00
Medium Vehicle £300.00
Large Vehicle £300.00
4WD/MPV £330.00

Suggested Additional Services/Upgrades

  • Paint correction 1 stage cars £150 ( 4WD/MPV £180) time spent 3 hours
  • Paint correction 2 stage  cars £195 ( 4WD/MPV £234) time spent 5 hours

    Paint correction 4 stage cars £297( 4WD/MPV £345) time spent 7 hours

    Paint perfection    cars £795( 4WD/MPV £999) time spent 2 days