Chipped Windscreen…..We have the solution.

A clean, clear windscreen is essential however it is not always necessary to replace the whole screen. Sometimes the windscreen can be repaired. This is the service we are offering to you at a very low cost.


We can usually repair your chipped windscreen if:

  • The chip is NO bigger than a £2 coin
  • It is situated MORE THAN 3cm from the edge of the windscreen.
  • If the chip is situated in the driver’s line of vision it must not be more than 10mm

(Driver’s Line of vision is 30cm wide, centred on the middle of the steering wheel)


What Does It Involve?

The repair involves cleaning and drying the area in question thoroughly and filling it with a clear resin with similar optical properties to glass. The damage won’t completely disappear but the repaired area will be much less visible and the surface area will be smooth so the wipers aren’t damaged.


How Long Does It Take?

The process usually takes about 30-50 minutes to complete and be carried out here at our workshop.



It is important to know that depending where the chip is located on your windscreen sometimes it may result in an MOT failure – Get It Sorted.


Prices Start From: £25

(Inspection required for a confirmed Quote)