Vehicle Wrapping 



Why Paint? When you can….Wrap!


Car Wrapping is the new, cheaper way to change the colour of your vehicle rather than getting it re-sprayed.

Here at Smart Car Valeting we can offer wrapping of the following vehicle parts:


– Bonnet

– Roof

– Mirrors

– Door Handles

– Spoiler

– Grilles


Pick the part, pick the colour and we will do it.


Modify the look of your car; allow it to stand out from the others on the road.


We use a high quality wrapping film with a durable and long lasting finish. Available In a variety of colours to cater to your requirements applied efficiently with a bubble and crease free finish.

The process can take as long as 30 minutes up to a full day, so please allow the time required for your particular vehicle and desires.

Some of our prices are listed below, any specifics we have to inspect the vehicle to give you a quote. Please do not hesitate to pop in.

3M Vinel


Vehicle Part  Vinyl Price (From) 
Roof £99.00
Bonnet  £99.00
Mirrors   £40.00
Spoiler  £50.00



Vehicle Part  Carbon Fibre Price (From)
Roof £139.00
Bonnet £139.00
Mirrors £50.00
Spoiler £69.00



 25% Deposit Required. 48 Hour Cancellation – Full Refund. Less than 24 Hour Cancellation – No Refund, but may Re-Book.